About EPIKtouch

At EPIKtouch, understanding your market and your customers is our job. Understanding how your business fits into the digital landscape and turning that knowledge into an effective strategy; that’s our specialty.

We know that well-considered marketing leads to stronger lead flows, higher revenue and a stronger and stronger brand. We also understand that one size does not fit all! That’s why we take a dynamic approach to marketing; investigating your business, understanding your brand and defining your objectives. 

It is simply not enough these days to just buy some ad space, or do posts on your company Facebook account. As we delve deeper and deeper into the digital age, marketing is becoming highly competitive and increasingly, a company’s secret to success. This is why we can no longer sit back, happy to just “Reach” our customers.

"Creating Opportunities to Entertain"

We must interact, inform, entertain and engage them through all stages of the sales cycle. Successful marketers know that each interaction must “Touch” their target market as often as possible, and in ways that are meaningful. This touch approach is crucial if you’re going to move a potential lead to happy client and brand supporter.         

If you can’t answer these questions, then you’re marketing isn’t working as well as it should. Do current plans and programs speak to and move the target consumer to purchase?  Do they effectively communicate what the brand is and what the company does? Most importantly, do they explain why you’re different in a compelling manner? 

Our specializations are in customer touch point strategies, digital strategies, creative, development, implementation and analysis. If you need a new plan to reach your customer, a rejuvenated brand, new logos, promotion, or if you’re buying advertising, call us. We’ll handle everything, leaving you to focus on running your business,